1. Spain

The team was established in the year 192o.

Its first World Cup appearance was in 1934, where it managed up to the Quarter finals, but they were later eliminated by the long time Champions Italy. The team won its first international match in 1964 European Championship, they defeated Soviet Union in 2-1 victory.  In 2008 UEFA European Championship, they were crowned champions, after winning all their matches and defeating Germany in the final game by 1-0 victory, goal by Fernando Torres. In 2010 World Cup, they managed up to the finals for the first time. They defeated Germany by 1-0 victory, hence being the third European champions to win World Cup outside their own continent. In 2012 UEFA European Championship, they were the first team to retain the championship, by a final win of  4-0 over Italy. In recent 2014 World Cup, they were disqualified at the group stages.

2. Netherlands

The team made its debut in 1934 World Cup.

In 1974 World Cup, they managed up to the finals for their very first time in the history. However, they lost to West Germany in the finals. In 1978 World Cup, they had really improved, managing up to the finals, but later on defeated by the host, Argentines. They finished as runners up for the second World Cup in a row. In European championship 1988, they won the finals, by a convincing victory over USSR. It was their major tournament win, restoring them to the forefront of international football team for the next three years. In 1998 World Cup, they lost to Brazil in a penalty shootout semifinals, thus emerging as the third in the tournament. In 2010 World Cup, they had remarkable performance, having reached the semi finals since 1978. However, they narrowly lost to Spain 1-0 defeat, during extra time. Thereafter, in August to September 2011, they were ranked as position one, in FIFA World Cup rankings. In the recent 2014 World Cup, they led in their group matches, thus having a direct qualification.  However, the team had poor performance, after a loss in of 2-1 to Bulgaria in 2018 FIFA World  Cup qualifiers match.

3. Germany

The team made its first debut in 1934 World Cup, finishing in third position. Their second success came in 1966 World Cup, where they reached the finals. They faced  England in the finals losing to them in 4-2 defeat. In 1972 European Championship, they recorded a European victory, defeating the Soviet Union 3-0 in the finals. The team secured its second World Cup, in 1974, having defeated Netherlands 2-1 in their final match. They kept their marked performance in European Championship, having lost at the finals to Czechoslovakia in a penalty shootouts. They recorded their second European Championships title in 1980 finals, with a 2-1 victory against Belgium. The team lost at the finals in both 1982 and 1986 World Cup Championships. In 1990, they won their third World Cup, defeating Argentina in their final match. The team secured its first international tittle, being the first to win Europeans Champions for the third time. In 2002 World Cup, they lost in the finals, 0-2 defeat to Brazil, goal by Ronaldo. In Euro 2008, they again encountered a loss in their final game to Spain, finishing as runners up.

In the recent World Cup 2014, they had their biggest win in the semifinals match, 7-1 victory against Brazil. They later won the final match against Argentina, 1-0 victory. This gave them the first position in FIFA World Cup rankings.  On their latest match 2nd July 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup, they won 1-0 against Chile being their first FIFA Confederation Cup tittle.

4. Brazil 

The team made their first appearance in1930 World Cup.

They hosted 1950 World Cup, and lost in the finals to Uruguay, 1-0 defeat. In the final game 1958 World Cup, they had their first World Cup tittle,becoming the first nation to win World Cup outside its continent. The team secured their second tittle in 1962 World Cup, with Gamincha emerging as the star player of the tournament. In 1970 World Cup, they secured their third World Cup, with Jairzinho  as the second scorer with 7 goals.  In 1994 World Cup, they won their fourth time World Cup, having defeated  their archrivals Italy in penalty shoots.

They still had a remarkable performance, finishing in the second position, in 1998 World Cup after a 3-0 loss to France. In 2002 World Cup, they had their fifth tittle with Ronaldo emerging as the star player, having scored two goals, giving Brazil a victory. He was awarded the Golden shoe, being the tournament leading scorer. They met their American archrivals Argentina defeating them and were awarded the FIFA Confederation Cup. The team got their Copa America tittle in 2004 having defeated the Argentines. They retained the same tittle in the 2007 Copa America championships, with Robinho receiving the Golden Boot. In 2009 FIFA Confederation Cup, held in USA they had a massive comeback and won 3-2 after lagging  2-0 at half time thus sealing their third Confederation Cup tittle.

In 2013 FIFA Confederation Cup, they had 3-0 victory over Spain. Some of their players received remarkable award after the tournament, Including Neymar; a Golden ball, Fred; Silver Shoe having scored five goal in five matches and Julio Caesar; a Golden Glove being the goalkeeper of the tournament. Their worst match was in the 2010 World Cup, where they faced Germany in a 7-1 defeat, thus being eliminated at the quarter finals. The team is preparing its way to 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia with their current coach Tite.

5. Argentina 

The first match ever recorded by the team was against Uruguay, in which Argentina won 3-2, for the first time in their existence.

In world cup finals 1930, Argentines lost to Uruguay 4-2. In 1978 World Cup, Argentina won their next final in 1978 World Cup against Netherland in a 3-1 victory. Led by Diego Maradona, again in 1986, they secured a 3-2 victory over West Germany.  In their recent World Cup which was in 2014, Argentina lost to Germany. Previous to this, their last World Cup was in 1990, where they lost to Germany in a penalty dispute. Argentines World Cup winning managers are Cesar Luis Menoti, 1978 and Carlos Bilardo in 1986.

The team has a record win of Copa America 14 times and the American championship in 1941, ’45, and ’46.  The team also won FIFA Confederation Cup and Kirin Cup both in 1992. Argentines also won the Football Olympics Football Tournaments in Athens 2004 and Beijing in 2008.

Argentina has also won 14 Football competitions at the Pan American Games, winning in 1951. ’55, ’59, ’71, ’95 and 2003. In march 2007, the team managed to reach top FIFA World Rankings for the first time.